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Welcome to Sisel! I was once in your shoes. I used mainstream hygiene and care products, oblivious to the fact that many of them had controversial, potentially harmful chemicals. Then I heard about Sisel, and it changed my life!

I made the commitment to live a Sisel Safe® life. I converted my home to Sisel products. I began supplementing my diet with incredible nutritionals that support nearly every aspect of my health. And I began to earn extra money, simply because I couldn't keep my mouth shut about these amazing products!

I invite you to try Sisel. If you're not completely satisfied, we have a money-back guarantee. But I have a feeling you'll be like me once you've tried the products, you'll be hooked. You will feel and look great! Call me personally if you have any questions!


Sisel was founded in 2006 by Tom Mower Senior and his son Tom Junior, with the mission to create the most powerful personal care products and dietary supplements in the world.

Tom Senior discovered years ago what types of questionable ingredients go into many personal care products when he had his own chemical manufacturing business. He noticed that many of the same chemicals that could be found in harsh cleansers and engine de-greasers could also be found in the products he and his family used every day.

That was unacceptable! So Tom stepped up to the plate and decided to do something about it: he started his own company to manufacture products the right way. Products you can trust. Sisel refuses to use potentially harmful ingredients, but that's not all. They also aggressively seek the world's most powerful, gentle, effective ingredients to support your health and beauty.

Sisel also focuses on feeding your body with nature's most amazing nutrients and super-foods. If you want to feel younger and full of energy, these are truly innovative products that you should definitely be checking out.

As a financial opportunity, Sisel pays you for helping others live healthier lives. No matter if you want some extra spending money every month or if you want complete financial independence, Sisel can help you get there.

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